Feb 25th 2017

Ive decided to try to write, at least, one paragraph a day. Just one, to get the creative juices flowing. I won’t be posting everything I write but I will write everyday. The paragraphs don’t need to flow together, be connected, they don’t need to be grammatically correct – or even make sense on their own…they just need to be.

I’ve been wrapped up in my own world lately, caught in a seemingly never ending loop of sleep, eat work….sleep, eat, work….sleep, eat, work….wash, rinse…repeat. My hope is that by putting pen to paper, fig~ur~a~tive~ly, I may be able to shed some of this routine, lit~er~al~ly, and stoke the fires of creativity that I know are there, albeit buried, deep within myself. No rules, no correcting or editing myself, no bullshit, no accolades, no slowing down around the curves…just me doing my thing “and we’re going to keep doing it, right out front” just let the words flow down to the page..

Let’s see how she goes…onwards and upwards!

Deconstructing consciousness

Just a thought…

Dreams are controlled by your sub-conscious in the same way as how you operate while black out drunk. Even though you can’t remember your actions and interactions from the night before, there was still a part of you that carried on while your actual consciousness passed out. In the same way as in when you go to sleep, you’re consciousness passes out and your sub-consciousness takes over. “You”, as in what makes “You “You”, are still in control of your dream state. Only it’s the un-filtered “You”, almost like the blackout drunk scenario, only a little less intoxicated….but close. It may seem like we have no control of our dreams, no control over what we dream of, or why. But we do. Our problem lies in recalling our dreams clearly.

Like in meditative states where you train you’re conscious mind to let go of wavering thoughts, so that you can focus and work out problems, every night when you fall asleep your un-filtered sub-conscious self works out problems. And just like when you’re in a meditative state, sometimes you lose focus and go off track, start fantasizing, daydreaming in your night dream, exploring flights of fancy. Neither your conscious or sub-conscious are perfect, far from it. If you truly want to see your path clearly you need to train yourself. Not only by meditating and clearing your mind daily but by learning to use your dreams and focus them as well. Dream journals, learning to see patterns in your dreams and how certain things connect to things in your waking life are detrimental in training your sub-conscious. This will give you back control of your dreams.

Let it go

Shine bright through dark lines
Tears flow 

Hearts aren’t made to tear

Drink it in

Let it go

Fall down 

Learn to pick yourself back up

Yeah it’s just that easy

Don’t take me away

Leave me be

Just listen to what I have to say

Listen closely

Light envelops us always

Hugging tightly

Even during the darkest hours 

The sun will always rise

Rise and shine

Things will always get better with time

All talk

It’s a shame

The sham won’t last

Take it as it comes they say

It’s always darkest before the dawn I’ve heard

Can it be?

Does it have to last?

Do we need to challenge it?

Can’t we just let it be?

Fire them all!

They don’t deserve it!

Banish the bastards!

Let them fall!
I won’t let it happen

I can’t let it go

I won’t falter

I won’t fade away