Feb 25th 2017

Ive decided to try to write, at least, one paragraph a day. Just one, to get the creative juices flowing. I won’t be posting everything I write but I will write everyday. The paragraphs don’t need to flow together, be connected, they don’t need to be grammatically correct – or even make sense on their own…they just need to be.

I’ve been wrapped up in my own world lately, caught in a seemingly never ending loop of sleep, eat work….sleep, eat, work….sleep, eat, work….wash, rinse…repeat. My hope is that by putting pen to paper, fig~ur~a~tive~ly, I may be able to shed some of this routine, lit~er~al~ly, and stoke the fires of creativity that I know are there, albeit buried, deep within myself. No rules, no correcting or editing myself, no bullshit, no accolades, no slowing down around the curves…just me doing my thing “and we’re going to keep doing it, right out front” just let the words flow down to the page..

Let’s see how she goes…onwards and upwards!

Let it go

Shine bright through dark lines
Tears flow 

Hearts aren’t made to tear

Drink it in

Let it go

Fall down 

Learn to pick yourself back up

Yeah it’s just that easy

Don’t take me away

Leave me be

Just listen to what I have to say

Listen closely

Light envelops us always

Hugging tightly

Even during the darkest hours 

The sun will always rise

Rise and shine

Things will always get better with time

All talk

It’s a shame

The sham won’t last

Take it as it comes they say

It’s always darkest before the dawn I’ve heard

Can it be?

Does it have to last?

Do we need to challenge it?

Can’t we just let it be?

Fire them all!

They don’t deserve it!

Banish the bastards!

Let them fall!
I won’t let it happen

I can’t let it go

I won’t falter

I won’t fade away

Sleepless Nights

Oh man, my head hurts just looking through writing jobs. I think I’m jumping into this thing a little too fast. I miss writing and really want to get back into it but the more I think about it, every time I get excited about writing again I start looking up jobs and applying for positions I have no experience for therefore have no hope of getting…this bums me out and I let writing fall by the wayside. So this time I’m just gonna write for awhile, try not to have any agenda and just let it flow.

I hate how the thoughts come rushing in at night. Always just as I finally let myself become tired enough for sleep…Wham! Flood gates open, the ideas and semi thoughts…random sentences come CRASHING through. Example, last night I only had a few hours to sleep between shifts but I tossed and turned the entire time thinking about how writers are like video editors. Stay with me here, for this to work you have to understand that everything we can touch..smell..see and hear is less than one millionth of reality, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Everything is energy and its in a constant state of flux all around us…constantly. Just as editors use equipment to warp and change reality, to cut and paste images together so it fits their perception…writers use pen and paper to take what’s already all around us and snatch it from the air, take what ever words or sentences flows through him or her and re-arrange them on paper to show us their perception of reality at any particular time.

I suppose in reality were both “Perception Demonstrators”

This was the main thought swirling around dozens of other random, much less tangible theories and notions. All this because I showed a slight interest in writing again.

Don’t poke the bear…results may vary.