Mass exodus, time to get off the bus. pt.1

One look, shared across the front of the stage, was all it took. No words needed, they knew what needed to be done. Goddamn what a bummer. The end of a generation, over in a flash…or more accurately….in a…BANG!

We’ll never know what could have been if this particular wave were to of had the chance to keep ripping through time and space. Let’s try to look at it another way, what if this initial spark was never meant to materialize any furthur than it did? What if the universe has a much grander plan and we as a society had to let the pulse of a generation die off so that we had time to genuinely reflect on the greater message of the 60’s. Maybe Altamont wasn’t the end of an era, maybe it was just a cosmic pause to let us truly understand where our consciousness needs to be.

Either way, we didn’t know the blow to his head was gonna kill him of course, let alone halt the momentum of entire era…stop it, dead in its tracts.

build up – peak – come down~always feed the bee.


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