Unlikely Heroes pt.I

Ever wonder what it would be like to fall asleep in one reality only to wake up in a whole new world? Well, everyone waking up on the morning of Feb 2nd 2020 would be experiencing just this.

One of these people was Mary Novath. Mary is a hardworking, extrovert, who heads her companies’ HR dept. She was having a decent morning, as decent as can be expected after cramming all night for an upcoming meeting and only getting about 2 hours of sleep. Fortunately she remembered to set her coffee maker to a 07:00am automatic brew before passing out. There’s something about waking up to the smell of fresh coffee that makes anything bearable, well almost anything. The coffee was cutting the edge that the lack of sleep created however it would do nothing to curb the shock of what Mary would unfortunately learn as she turned on the morning news…

Jake Terry was coming home from the graveyard shift at the old factory when he saw the first broadcast. That blast of life altering information went straight from the airwaves, into Jake’s right ear, slamming into his eardrums, blasting into his cerebral cortex where his brain tried comprehending what it was taking in. Jake dropped his coffee mug, sending it crashing to the floor, spraying scolding hot black coffee in any and all directions. All this took a whopping 1/30th of a second but felt like slow motion to Jake.


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